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duchateau solid and engineered hardwood flooring reviews

DuChateau Solid & Engineered Hardwood Flooring

by Dylan Johnson

When it comes to unique floor, solid and engineered hardwood becomes a good idea. There are so many brands you can find in the market today. If you are interested in wood flooring, DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood can be a good option to choose.

This brand combines a few aspects including inspiration, architecture, and fashion. Anyway, it belongs to high-quality flooring.

This flooring is appropriate for home and commercial space. In this article, we will discuss it further so that we will know how it is compared to other brands.

Before you decide to spend money for this, it is better to pay attention to the following review first.

DuChateau Solid and Engineered Hardwood Durability

Without a doubt, DuChateau hardwood is beautiful. However, beauty is not enough. When you purchase floors, you have to consider its durability. According to consumer reviews, they are satisfied with this brand.

Even though it is durable, scratches can still happen. Scratches usually happen because of furniture legs, sand, debris, and even high heels. Anyway, you can prevent scratches to happen.

When it comes to warranties, DuChateau solid and engineered offers Atelier Series hardwood flooring with a lifetime limited integrity warranty, a 25-year residential & 3-year commercial surface finish warranty.

These warranties are also offered on the engineered hard wax oil finished floors from DuChateau.

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If you are looking for affordable flooring, DuChateau can be a good option for you. Compared to other brands, it is typically less expensive.

Lower-end brands usually cost from 3 to 5 dollars per square foot whereas high-end brands mostly cost from 8 to 14 dollars per square foot.

DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood flooring cost from 9 to 11 dollars per square foot. Even though it is not the cheapest option, DuChateau will not disappoint you.

DuChateau Solid and Engineered Hardwood Installation

When it comes to flooring cost, the biggest cost may be on the installation cost. Many people spend thousands of dollars for flooring installation.

To install DuChateau floor, you may need to pay from 3 to 10 dollars per square foot. However, you can save your money by consider a DIY project.

DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in 2 methods. The first method is glue-down installation. Besides that, you can also consider floating floor installation.

You have to know that floating floor installation is only appropriate for Atelier Series. On the other side, glue-down installation can be practiced for any collection.

Installing solid and hardwood flooring is difficult & time-consuming. However, it does not mean that you cannot install it yourself.

You can still install DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood flooring properly as long as you follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Installing this floor requires some steps. You need to prepare your subfloor first. After that, you can directly install a moisture barrier.

Then, what you should do is to let the flooring acclimate in the room. Next, you must cut the planks as required.

Some tools & supplies are needed such as trim pieces, a power saw, and adhesives. With detailed instructions, installing this floor will be easier.

However, you have to be careful because improper installation will not be covered by its warranty.

So, if you are not sure with your ability, do not hesitate to hire a professional installer.

DuChateau Solid & Engineered Hardwood Styles and Colors

When it comes to styles and colors, DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood is available in different options. For the colors, you can choose dark, medium, or light tones.

Besides that, the wide-plank matter finish flooring is also available. For the width, you can choose from 3 to 9.6 inches. In addition, herringbone & patterned planks are also available.

How to Care for DuChateau Solid and Engineered Hardwood

To keep DuChateau floor in its best look, you need to care for it carefully. For daily cleaning, a dust, broom, or vacuum can be used.

For extra cleaning, DuChateau products are recommended. There is also the Premium Floor Cleaner & Protecting that is safe for pets, kids, and environment.

To clean DuChateau floor, you just need to mix the solution with water. Then, apply it with a clean mop. However, you cannot oversaturate the floor to prevent damage.

You can also buy DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood Maintenance Oil that will be very useful for care and maintenance. This product is liquid-resistant.

To care for the floor, you may also need to put off your shoes. In fact, dirt & debris can cause scratches. If needed, using leg protectors will also be a good idea. You can apply the leg protectors under furniture, appliances, & other heavy items.

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Final Verdict

There are many styles & colors available for DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood. Anyway, this floor works in either home or business. You can also clean & maintain this floor easily.

This floor is beautiful but you need to pay a bit more to purchase it. Anyway, you will not be disappointed to buy this. We can also see many consumer reviews where they are satisfied with this flooring product.

DuChateau offers detailed instruction for installation. So, even though it is not easy to install this floor, you can still consider DIY project. As long as you follow the instructions rightly, you will be able to install it properly.

However, hiring a professional installer also becomes an option. Anyway, you have to be wise to plan how to plan DuChateau solid and engineered hardwood.