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Elran Furniture Reviews

Elran Furniture Reviews

by Ethan Ross

If you are looking for home furnishings to complete your room, especially a comfortable reclining one, then the Elran brand could be your answer. Learning from Elran Furniture reviews could be helpful because you can know the details on the products, services, pros, and cons. 

You can also browse the Elran furniture catalog for more product information. Elran furniture has been in the furniture business for over 50 years, so this company is worth considering. Elran could be the right home furnishings you need due to its specialty in producing comfortable reclinings. 

Thus, keep reading for more thorough information on Elran, its products, and what it offers.

Product and Price Range

Elran Furniture Product and Price Range
Elran Furniture Product and Price Range

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Elran is known for its specialty furniture, including different types of Elran sofa models and recliners. However, the company also produces other furniture pieces, such as kitchen cabinets and bathtubs. 

The following are some examples of its products along with the price range for your attention :

SectionalsElran Rain Sectional LleatherStarting at $8,500.00
 Elran Chloe Sectional Secti-Lleather$6,535.00
 Elran Finn SectionalFaux suede/leather$8,365.00
 Elran Gabe Sectional Sect1-LLinen
faux leather
 Sidney Sectional Sect1-LTextured weave$8,655.00
Glider ChairsSwivel Power Pack Glider Rocker ReclinerLeather
$1,010.00 – $2,010.00
 Swivel Glider ChairTextured weave$835.00
 Jasmine Swivel Rocker ReclinerLeather
ReclinerSwivel Power Glider ReclinerFaux suede
Starting at $1,950.00
 Elran Pushback ReclinerTwill
faux leather
As low as $1,035.00
SofaPower Sofa with HeadrestLeather
$2,900.00 – $4,730.00
 Power Sofa in LeatherFaux leather or suede$3,900.00
OttomanStorage Ottoman in LeatherLeather or suede$1,045.00

Elran Furniture Pros and Cons

Similar to other furniture brands such as Hooker Furniture or Regency Furniture, Elran products are not free from imperfections. However, they also share their strengths which are proven by many good reviews from their customers.

Check the following pros and cons of Elran furniture to help you make your decision better.

Pros of Elran Furniture

  • Great product to buy because Elran furniture is made with comfortable design and enhanced technology.
  • Customers can choose preferred materials such as linen, leather, twill, or textured weave. Thus, each can match the products with their home designs well.
  • Products have different prices according to the materials they use, so customers can pick ones within their budget range.
  • It offers different types of furniture so customers can choose one that represents them well.

Cons of Elran Furniture

  • Inconvenience for online shopping because it is difficult for customers to get thorough Elran furniture prices. It isn’t delightful because they have to call the dealers for each product’s price personally.
  • The warranty period is a little too short, so when the products need the warranty, they have already exceeded its period.


You can depend on Elran products for their durability because the company uses top-notch materials for each of its products. Materials such as solid steel, construction-grade plywood, leather, and premium fabric are what customers will get. 

Those materials are robust, so the products may last long for your satisfaction.


Elran Furniture Warranty
Elran Furniture Warranty

Elran provides its customer with several different Elran furniture warranties for their satisfaction, such as follows :

  • A Lifetime Warranty

The unit’s base has a lifetime warranty, so customers can enjoy their products for as long as possible. Be at ease because this Warranty also covers power recliners, mechanical elements covering motors, and so on.

  • 1-year Warranty

Please take notice of this Warranty for all stuffing from Elran furniture because you may find out that your products exceeded its period.

  • 2-year Warranty

This Warranty is for the leather or suede materials on every product, so you have to make the best out of it.


It is good news for customers abroad because even though Elran is based in Montreal, Canada, it has extended its shipment worldwide. Thus, this company has exported its signature products to Europe, the United States, and even the Middle East.

However, you need to communicate well with Elran Furniture Dealers so that your order and delivery will run well.

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Return Policy

Contact the Customer Service of your local dealers would be best because you can get the detailed information on their return policy. Thus, you can know what to do when you want to return or exchange the products you buy.

Elran Furniture Reviews: Final Words

Given that your home is your sanctuary, you need to invest your home furnishings in something that best suits your style, budget and home design. It would help if you considered Elran because it offers premium products that are integrated with the use of technology. Thus, the products are not only comfortable and stylish but also durable.

However, you need to prepare your budget because Elran products come at relatively high prices. With our Elran Furniture reviews, we hope you get enough information on its products and services so that you can determine whether this brand is worth buying.