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Naturally Aged Flooring Reviews

Naturally Aged Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

You probably have thought about installing Naturally Aged floors to boost the elegance and look of the house, but don’t forget to read Naturally Aged flooring reviews before the purchase.

It’s only logical that you find out about the quality of the floor and learn about it before spending (a lot of) money for it.

This is one of the reasons why you should read as many as reviews before you buy anything.

About Naturally Aged Flooring

Naturally Aged Flooring is the name of a flooring company that is located in southern California.

They produce different kinds of residential flooring. Their major floor products are engineered hardwood floor but do they provide LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planks) along the way.

The brands may not as popular as other well-known and world-class companies, but everyone (mostly who have purchased the products) claim that the floor is impressive in terms of styles and species.

The Collections Naturally Aged Flooring

Based on Naturally Aged flooring reviews, the company has 6 collections. They also have a special section for moldings and accessories, as well as custom flooring.

Each of their collections is unique. However, the Classic Series only come in one style: the Champagne (with wire brushed) Oak.

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Medallion Collection

There are 4 types of species in this engineered floor line, consisting of Oak, Hickory, and Walnut.

They are coming in 2 sizes. All of them are 9 inches x 16 inches with 3mm of thickness, but the Oak planks have 7 ½ inches of width. Hickory styles may have random widths as well.

This one comes with 30 styles from Arroyo up to Trailhead. Most of them are boards with wire-brushed Oak with different colors natural and gold to brown and light gray.

You can find modern option like Castle Stone, but there are also newer styles like Boney Mountain (with its rustic charm).

Hickory has 6 styles most of them are wire-brushed. Although they may have the hand-scraped planks, you only find smooth result in Walnut boards.

Some of their popular collections include Saint Moritz, Bonneville, Gun Metal, and Riverbed.

Royal Collection

The Medallion may be dominated by Oak type, but Royal collection is about Hickory. The collection consists of Timberland, Grove, Countryside, Woodland, and Prairie. They are coming with hickory wire-brushed boards.

Cliffside and Savannah are wire brushed Oak, and French Roast is the handscraped Birch boards. Glacier is unique, coming in handscraped Maple with many chatter.

All of the boards are coming in 6 inches x ½ inches size with various length, which ranges from 2 feet to around 6 feet.

Premier Collection

If you prefer the elegant style with wide planks, this would be the perfect option. It displays naturally aged floors with 7 options in lighter shade.

The Seafoam, White Oil, and Dana Point have interesting beach vibe. Designer Grey and Broadways Brown are designed as their names they are glamorous and fancy.

Santa Cruz and La Jolla have more natural or lighter brown shades, but every one of them is made from White Oak or Oak.

They are 5/8 inches in thickness. They have various lengths as well as widths. Some may be coming at 8 ¾ inches while others may be bigger with 9 ½ inches.

Naturally Aged Collection

This collection is named after the manufacturer. The styles are especially designed for those with limited budgets, consisting of Oak and Hickory domination.

The company wants to deliver elegant and good-looking effect without compromising quality or price. The boards have 5 inches x 3/8 inches, except for Pacific Acacia and Brown Sugar.

Brown Sugar has various lengths and widths, resulting in unique outcome. Pacific Acacia comes with exotic look with ½ inches of thickness.

Most of them would be darker as they age, except for Pacific Acacia and Autumn Tea. The Naturally Aged flooring reviews have elegant look and vibe.

Wirebrushed Series

The wire brushed board is designed for those with limited budgets. There are 7 different color options, ranging from natural to light gray. And the collection has quite a lot of different colors, perfect for different themes or home décor.

So, whether you want something dramatic or glamorous or contemporary and classy, you can have this collection without breaking a sweat.

The size, however, is uniformed. They are coming in 7 ½ inches x ½ inches, with sliced veneer style.

Custom Naturally Aged Floor

According to Naturally Aged flooring reviews, Naturally Aged floor offers custom service. There are wide various of species and styles, including traditional Hickory herringbone.

There are also other collections, such as Brittany, Rhombus, Marie Antoinette, or Monticello. Some of them have options like Riftsawn Rhombus Oak.

If you prefer something unique, there is something like Hickory Peruvian Walnut Basket Weave. You won’t see this elsewhere with its wild and varied finishing techniques.

The collection offers custom service, although the maximum width may reach 12 inches with lengths up to 12 feet.

There is also an option whether you want the engineered hardwood or solid flooring with whatever finishing technique you want.

There are also some other options, such as smooth, distressed, bleached, fumed, dyed, or stained.

Construction and Built

The engineered planks may have different thickness, which depends on the style and series.

They have impressive warranty but they don’t provide detailed (technical) specifications about their products.

They provide limited lifetime warranty, with rules being applied to the structural integrity. As long as you install and maintain the floor properly, the floor won’t have any issue even for decades. 

Green Factor Consideration

Unfortunately, the Naturally Aged flooring reviews don’t mention anything about their eco-friendly treat. Many users don’t see any certification with eco-friendly or green factor.

However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t support sustainability. They may not provide such information on their lists or policies.

Availability and Cost

It’s quite odd, really, that the company doesn’t provide any pricing for their floors, even through online.

They don’t even provide it on their official website. You will have to contact them to get information about the price directly.

Naturally Aged Flooring Pros and Cons

When it comes to good traits, this company has a lot of positive features. Their engineered hardwood lines have all kinds of styles, from rustic (with the bandsaw marks) to contemporary styles with modern finish.

But it is advisable to make a thorough research about their various collections before making any purchasing decision.

It’s safe to say that some of the good features include unique combination with various styles collections. The fact that all of them come with various widths and lengths is also nice.

On the downside, though, the company lacks of informative subjects. They mostly keep everything confidential and a secret, which also includes availability and prices. This can lead to big issues.

In the overall, the ratings for the floor are:

Overall rating is 4.3 from 5

Finish: 4

Size: 4

Style: 5

Species: 5

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Conclusion Naturally Aged Flooring Reviews

It’s a bit odd that such company doesn’t provide detailed info about the prices and eco-friendly features, even in their official websites, but they may have their own reasons.

It’s advisable, however, that you make complete research about the company and their products.

Try to find as many Naturally Aged flooring reviews as possible so you can learn more about them.