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Globus Cork Flooring Review

Globus Cork Flooring Review and Every Homeowner’s Expectation

by Dylan Johnson

You are probably reading Globus cork flooring review because you are considering a renovation or a remodeling work. But is cork flooring the best option?

A lot of people associate cork flooring with the ugly and unattractive stuff plugging the wine bottle.

Not to mention that they also believe that cork flooring is prone to dents, scratches, and stains. However, you should know that today’s cork floor is reliable and it is made with the newest technology – you can be sure about the high quality.

If you are environmentally conscious, then cork floor would be the best option because it is truly safe for your surrounding and it won’t hurt Mother Nature. At all.

Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring

Cork is now increasing in popularity because of its many benefits – and most of them are natural. First of all, cork is a sustainable material.

You see, cork tree has to shed the bark regularly and the process doesn’t hurt the tree or whatsoever. Once the bark grows back, then it can be harvested again.

Basically, you can get the material without cutting down the tree itself – and the process can take place for years. Cork material itself will break down once its life cycle has ended. It won’t end up in the landfill because of its renewable characteristic.

If you are into eco-friendly living, then you should look into Globus cork flooring review. You will love the floor so much!

Second, cork flooring has its own anti bacterial and hypo allergenic properties. It means that it won’t attract germs or termites or anything else to make a nest in the floor.

People with allergies can install the floor in their house and they don’t have to worry about a thing. Another cool thing about the floor is the natural bounce-back trait.

You see, cork flooring is prone to heavy objects. When you put heavy objects on it (such as heavy furniture), it will create a dent on the surface.

However, you only need to remove the objects and give the floor some times to return to its original condition. The floor will spring back to the original state and your floor doesn’t have to look damaged.

Third, cork flooring is unique. Cork flooring has its own natural insulation property, which means that the floor can make the room quieter and warmer. It is also softer with natural plush characteristics.

The floor can absorb sound and noise, creating a peaceful and quiet surrounding. That’s why the floor is ideal and kids room and playground. You don’t need to have excessive heating or cooling system because the room has a balanced temperature and atmosphere.

If you read Globus cork flooring review, a lot of homeowners state that they like the fact that the floor can help prevent cooling and heat loss. This condition makes it efficient for energy arrangement in any climate or season.

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Globus Cork Flooring

The company is a pioneer as well as a leader in floor industry. The products are known to be sustainable, premium in quality, and exceptional products.

They have their own collections of products with shapes, borders, colors, and styles – creating a versatile collection that are beneficial for home improvements work and projects.

Unlike other brands that may combine cork material and others, Globus (cork) tiles use 100% cork. Unlike other products using vinyl for their top layer, the cork flooring products from Globus won’t peel or separate.

Not to mention that products from this company use a special finish that is formulated for the cork. Because of this action, the surface won’t crack and the floor will remain soft and plush to the feet.

Based on Globus cork flooring review, the company has a wide array of collections, up to 25 different sizes, shapes, and designs. They have more than 40 different colors, giving you the ability to mix and match the tiles and be creative with your own creation.

And their products are green because they use no VOCs and no gas emission within the adhesive. The company uses water based and solvent free products for their adhesives and manufacture.

They also have pre-glued tiles is great for efficient work. With this type of tile, you can save time and be free from any headache.

They have floating floor type although this one isn’t made from 100% cork. This floor usually comes with cork and fiberboard combination. But still, it offers you great versatility and freedom in managing the project – and the outcome that you wish for.

Maintenance and Care

Cork flooring is relatively and generally easy to clean and maintain, but Globus cork products are even easier to maintain. You don’t need any extra cleaning tools or special cleaners to do the work.

A regular broom with a damp mop would be enough to sweep and mop the floor. Even when you don’t do any daily cleaning, you are good to go. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can do it but don’t use the harsh brush. You don’t want to scratch the floor and damage it.

Using a damp mop is okay, but NOT a wet one. If you use a special cleaning product, use the one with pH-neutral type so your floor will remain on its best condition without compromising the shine.

No need to worry about looking for any special cleaner or whatsoever because Globus has their own cleaning products that are free from ammonia or wax. It isn’t advisable to steam the floor or saturate it with water.

Although cork flooring doesn’t absorb moisture, moisture can still seep into it and then create damage from within.

Read the Globus cork flooring review and you will see that preventive measure can be done to make the floor long-lasting.

Besides the proper regular cleaning, you should consider having rugs to cover the floor so you can avoid direct exposure of the sunlight. Direct UV rays can do damages to the floor.

First, it will fade the color which affects the look of the floor. Second, the heat can cause peel to the surface. That’s why you can either use the rugs or have a solid window treatment that can filter out the intensity of the light.

Using a window film, having curtains and blinds, and using other methods on the windows can help prolong the floor.


The floor is quite affordable – especially when compared to other hard or bare floor types.

For one square foot, expect to spend between $4 and $8. It is basically the standard price for the cork flooring. Price is also one factor to like about this floor.

Many of Globus cork flooring review states about homeowners’ satisfaction concerning their inexpensive spending for installing the floor. But let’s not forget that this price range is only applicable for the material.

You should be prepared with other extra spending, such as installation cost, tools, additional trim, and such things alike.

You have the option of having a DIY project or hiring a professional installer to do the work. If you choose the latter, you will have to prepare thousands for the work.

If you prefer DIY work, you can save money, but you will have to dedicate your time to do the work properly. DIY project isn’t for those who are in a rush or in a hurry. If you rush things, you will only ‘sabotage’ your own work. The end result would be a mess.

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Globus Cork Flooring (Possible) Cons

There are tons of things to like about the floor. Durability, for a starter, is one thing to like about the floor. With proper care and maintenance, the floor can last for years – if not decades. Give or take, cork flooring can last up to 25 years.

Of course, the maintenance and care would determine the quality of the floor – whether it will shorten or prolong the life.

Eco-friendly and natural quality are also the things to love about the floor. If you want to have a natural finish and yet you don’t want to spend a fortune, then cork flooring would be the best pick.

However, despite all the positive Globus cork flooring review, you should also be prepared for some of the downsides. Cork flooring requires extra work. For a starter, refinishing the cork flooring isn’t exactly a great option.

If you want to refinish only a small area of floor, it is still possible. But for an entire wide area, it would be useless.

Moreover, you will need to re-seal the floor regularly (at least twice a year) to maintain the waterproof property.

And let’s not forget the extra care that you will have to do, related to floor covering, window treatment, or cleaning procedures. It takes extra effort for window installation and floor maintenance

Rug cover, seal application, and such thing alike are parts of your care. But in the overall end, cork flooring is a great option to improve the look of the room without you having to spend a fortune.

Because there are so many different cork flooring brands and manufacturers, you should read Globus cork flooring review to get deeper understanding of the brand.