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Hurst Hardwoods Wood Flooring Review

Hurst Hardwoods Wood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Have you been shopping flooring products but didn’t find the favorable one? Try to skim and scan this Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review to allow you to gain some inspiration.

It is not really a matter whether you just want to add another beauty and value to your space or just want to upgrade it, Hurst has it all for you.

In fact, Hurst is one of the best hardwood flooring retailers on the globe. Believe it or not, Hurst Hardwoods has been selling the top brands of hardwood flooring since 1992.

However, how is it compared to the other brands on the market around the world?

In this enjoyable time, we are proposed to share you the Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review which includes the pros and con of this flooring, the cost, installation, care and maintenance, durability and styles availability.

Just before you finally make a decision to purchase the products on the cashier’s desk or click the “buy” button in your screen, make sure you know well the characteristics of the products.

This is aimed that you won’t feel disappointed when you know your purchasing doesn’t meet your heart and mind.

Don’t take even a few minutes on waiting.

Just check out all of about Hurst hardwood flooring in the following sections.

The Cost of Hurst Hardwood Flooring

Cost is the most sensitive topic when it comes to purchasing something, isn’t it?

Many people will be firstly questioning. “How much is the price?” Perhaps, you will look at the product, you love it and you want to buy it. Yet you put it back when you see the actual price.

When you are planning a project on home building or home improvement at which the flooring is included, you may have already set your budgeting system.

This way, you will never know how to set your flooring budget without checking out the cost of hardwood flooring first. This is when our review come into play.

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Is the cost of Hurst Hardwood flooring matching your budget situation?

Let’s get the evaluation further.

The lowest price offered by Hurst Hardwood flooring is various, ranging from $3 to $6 per square foot.

This price is available for the softwood such as cherry and oak that may be less durable and easily get damaged.

You may be able to keep a few dollars but you cannot expect to have durable floorings. On average, the approximate price estimation starts from $5 to $10 per square foot.

On the other hand, the highest price of Hurst Hardwood can range from $8 to $14 per square foot. It can even cost more for the high-end and exotic species like Mahogany and Brazilian Walnut.

These kinds of flooring types offer not only a great look but also a high durability.

Luckily, you may feel relieve to know the fact that Hurst Hardwood flooring also offer prices from $4 to $8 per square foot.

There may be a flooring type at Hurst Hardwood that suits your budget much without spending lots of money. It actually depends on the flooring type you select.

Simply to understand, you can have Brazilian Walnut in a high price while Hickory as an engineered domestic flooring in a lower price.

The Installation of Hurst Hardwood Flooring

Later, our Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review include the installation as one of the most important characteristics of the hardwood, too.

In similar to the cost that is various in types, so does the installation types that are different from one to another depending on the several factors such as the job proportion, where you live and the contractor you want to hire.

On average, the cost of installing Hurst Hardwood is around $5 to $8 per square foot.

However, you can save or even cut down the cost of installation by carrying out the project by yourself.

Furthermore, Hurst Hardwood is also available for DIY options, meaning that the installation will be easy to handle even by an amateur.

In this regards, there are at least three things you need to pay attention. Those are preparing the necessary tools, plenty of time for handling the project and preparing the subfloors.

Even without an advanced experience, you and other homeowners can definitely do the DIY installation.

In addition to installing the floors, make sure you have the installation guidance provided by the manufacturer, follow the instructions well without missing a single step and consult to the flooring expert if there is anything wrong while you cannot solve it.

Keep in mind that an improper installation can surely cause damaged to your floors. It is also voiding your warranty. Thus, read the instruction carefully and watch the online tutorial.

If you feel as if it would be hard for you, don’t hesitate to contact a flooring expert.

Noticeably, West Central Florida is the installation service areas provided by Hurst Hardwood.

However, you can just easily find the certified professional installer network in National Wood Flooring Association, too.

Care and Maintenance of Hurst Hardwoods Wood Flooring

Now it’s time to check out the Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review particularly about the care and maintenance.

Nobody wants to spend much time cleaning and maintaining the floors, does he/she?

Hurst hardwood flooring make you not do it. Yeah, it is just pretty easy to care and maintain this flooring type though there are still some precautions you must be aware of if you want a more durable flooring.

The most crucial thing to recall is avoiding water. This means that steam and damp mopping is not recommended for Hurst hardwood.

This is because both stamp and damp mopping is harmful enough. They cause the floors to buckle and even wrap.

For a regular maintenance, vacuuming the floors is enough. But be sure to have a vacuum cleaner which is especially designed for the hardwoods.

If you have no vacuum cleaner, you can alternatively use broom to sweep the floors to get rid of any dirt, dust and other small debris.

However, if you notice any heavy-dust or accumulated dirt, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is much recommended to use.

The use of this flooring cleaner product is based on Hurst Hardwood flooring recommendation. Wait, keep in mind that you avoid saturating it with water.

Optionally, you need only to spray the cleaner and use the microfiber pad to clean the floors. This will not ruin the floor’s finish.

Never use soap or any other cleaning product that is containing wax. It would never be suitable for hardwood floors. Otherwise, it can cause the surface of the floors damaged.

To prevent scratches or stains, it would be good for you to apply the floor protectors and furniture coasters.

The Durability of Hurst Hardwoods Wood Flooring

After the cost, the second best consideration to pick up a flooring product is the durability. Fortunately, Hurst Hardwood flooring proves to be highly durable.

This information is derived from the consumers’ review who have purchased and used the flooring in their house.

Just like the other hardwood types, Hurst Hardwood can even last for so many decades to come as long as you perform the proper installation and professional maintenance.

Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review that we write based on research also shows that some flooring damages are potentially occurring due to the high foot traffics, pet’s nails, excessive amount of direct sunlight as well as humidity and moisture.

Thus, Hurst Hardwood is not suggested to install in a space with the high level of moisture and humidity.

These are the two common sources of flooring problems.

Due to the limited residential warranty provided by Hurst Hardwood, you must prevent the floors from being damaged.

It is best described that the warranty doesn’t cover the hardwood damages due to the manufacturer defects.

In this case, the 30 year warranty is given to the flooring products with factory-applied aluminum oxide surface.

Colors and Styles of Hurst Hardwoods Wood Flooring

There are extremely a large number of styles and colors you can choose from the Hurst Hardwood collection.

Some species available in Hurst Hardwood include the prefinished engineered domestics, prefinished engineered exotics and prefinished solid exotic. The colors range from dark to light.

Hence, it would not be so difficult to find the flooring type you want and need to meet your expectation. Just search and find your favorable ones at Hurst now.

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Final Words

Overall, this Hurst hardwoods wood flooring review clearly show you that Hurst Hardwood is just one of the best destination to find the most suitable and most-wanted flooring types.

There are more to expect from Hurst hardwood, starting from the various cost, DIY installation option, easy care and maintenance as well as numerous styles and colors.

If you insist on installing this flooring in your home, make sure you do the preparation well and consider the price, too.

If you think that you are not skillful enough to install the floor by yourself, hiring a professional installer is a good idea to avoid the troubles and damages during the installation.