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Monarch Plank Flooring Reviews

Monarch Plank Flooring Reviews

by Dylan Johnson

Monarch Plank Flooring Reviews – There is always an endless journey to hunt for information dealing with the way people are completing their home elements. Monarch Plank Flooring is just one of the destination you may stop at.

In the world of flooring, Monarch Plank flooring company has been in the market for 80 years and based in Santa Fe Springs California.

Exclusively, Monarch plank produces engineered hardwood flooring with a hug selections of styles, colors, plank widths, and finishes. Thus, you may assume that this company seems the right place to find something to complement the scheme of your home design.

Considering that Monarch produces only engineered wood flooring, the biggest benefits usually consists of in-depth expertise and quality product.

Overall, if want a hardwood flooring but you also wish to have engineered planks with durability and versatility, go no other but Monarch Plank Flooring.

In this reviews, you will learn the specs of Monarch Plank Flooring, the pros and cons, installation, cleaning and maintenance as well as the customer reviews.

We also include a few of frequently asked questions to support you with the additional information.

The Specs of Monarch Plank Flooring

Dealing with the specs, Monarch Plank flooring products are designed with 11 collection of engineered floors along with the various woods and grades, treatments, plank widths and finishes. There is also a wide selection of unfinished flooring.

According to tag line, Monarch Plank claims “a modern interpretation of old world luxury”, meaning that they come with the general aesthetic of the prefinished choices including classic and timeless.

The next inspiration comes within European textures and colors, reflecting in the collection names like La Rue, Boulevard, Forte and Alpine Riftsawn. This way, the colors range from the deepest brown to nearly white.

Mostly, Monarch Plank flooring products are available in 6.5”, 8” or 9.5” wide by 7” or 8” long. Some other collections are available in random length options which are between 2’ – 7’ long.

These sizes are usually offered by the natural look of the flooring. If you choose Lango Herringbone collection has shorter uniform sized planks to create the pattern of herringbone.

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Monarch Wood Species

There are three hardwood species provided by Monarch Plank to produce all of its flooring products. These includes US and European oak, walnut or even hickory.

Dealing with the wood species, oak is noticeably attractive since it has a very natural color and unique grain. Oak wood is highly durable, thus, it would be ideal for many kinds of textures and stains.

Walnut in one of most favorable hardwoods in the United States due to its feature of unique straight grain which is highlighted with waves. Thus, it presents a distinctive and attractive look.

What about hickory?

Hickory is also a wood species that has a complex grain structure along with the dramatic range of light to dark tones in a single plank.

Monarch Plank Wood Grades

Do you know something about wood grades?

Well, different collections are featuring different wood grades. The main purpose of selecting grade is to complete the aesthetic of the collection.

For instance, the Manor collection that characterize the old French manor houses uses a rustic grade oak highlighting the grain and character marks like the cracks and knots.

On the other hand, Alpine Riftsawn collection that comes with the streamlined aesthetic uses a selected wood grade to free up from the cracks and knots.

For the unfinished engineered hardwood collections, there have been provided the option of rustic, prime and other wood grade options.

Surface Texture

Monarch Plank Flooring that comes with the prefinished engineered hardwood flooring offers a wide selections textures including smooth, wire brushed processing to reveal more beauty of the grain and the hand scrapped that is warm, classic and offering distressed look.

Staining / Colors

Definitely, there is a wide range of stain colors ranging from very light to very dark options. For example, the Windsor collection offers the feature of European Oak including the pale and beige Winterfold and the very dark chocolate brown Nottingham.

Hardwick is from the other Manor Collection comes with a deep, warm caramel brown color. This collection is also great for gray options availability.

Besides using the standard staining, Monarch Plank also uses different process to create color on the wood. This is aimed to enhance the natural features and grains.

Further, Monarch offers a fumed technique providing a darker finishes and presenting the natural tannins in the wood.

This way, the process of carbonized heating is done to achieve the warm, rich and brown look. This heating process involves caramelizing the natural sugars in the wood.

As one of the great company for plank flooring, Monarch comes with the reactive stains to create an aged look through the reaction of certain stain to the sugars and tannins in the wood. 


The last but not least spec listed in our Monarch Plank Flooring reviews is the finishes. In this regards, there are two types of finishes available by Monarch Plank.

Those are UV protective oil and urethane finish. UV protective oil is naturally used to penetrate the wood to make a protective barrier.

The benefit of using this finish is the fact that you can use it to refinish the small areas if there is any damage found.

Urethane finish, which is the second type of finishes, requires you to apply the coating as the protective barriers.

The use of this finish has only less maintenance than oil. However, if there is any damage on the floor, you must refinished the whole floor.  

The Pros and Cons of Monarch Plank Flooring

Discussing a flooring product may lead us to always check with the pros and cons so that we know how good and bad if we use the products.

Moreover, the pros and cons can also be the buying guide, allowing us to make the right decision in selecting the product.

The pros and cons of Monarch Plank Flooring are related with the benefits and the drawbacks listed as follows:

The Benefits of Monarch Plank Engineered Hardwood

There are some benefits you can derive from using Monarch plank for your home flooring. Those benefits are:

  • They offer high quality products since they specialize in producing engineered hardwood flooring.
  • There is an attractive selections of timeless designs that will mostly fit homes. These designs prove to be fashionable throughout the time.
  • They offer unfinished flooring options that allow you to create your own unique finish on site.
  • Monarch plank is derived from the forestry programs along with LEED and FSC certification. This means that their products are eco-friendly.
  • Monarch plank flooring receives a good customer feedback, meaning that the customers express their positive value over the products.

The Drawback s of Monarch Plank Engineered Hardwood

While there are some benefits offered, there are also a few drawback that you must concern. Those are:

  • The flooring is not ideal for beginner of DIY installation projects. So, it is highly recommended to hire a professional installer to get the best results of plank flooring installation.
  • It is quite difficult to track down the high quality flooring compared to the big box store brands. This mean that Monarch Plank Flooring is not a brand that you will find at the big box home improvement stores nearby.


Once you select a product, don’t forget to keep the installation in mind. In this regards, Monarch plank is designed with some options of installation method.

They are nail down, glue down and floating floor. All of the detailed installation guides are available on the company’s website.

For experienced DIYers, Whilst is always possible to install Monarch plank flooring. However, the company highly recommend that you hire a professional installer to ensure the high quality finish.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of Monarch plank flooring typically depends on the type of finish you have selected.

However, the basic maintenance requires you to clean the flooring using the recommended products so that the dirt will not build up and the finish will not wear.

Avoid wet-mopping, placing rugs at the doorways and keeping the pet nails trimmed are also the required steps to keep the floor maintained.

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Monarch Plank Flooring Customer Reviews

Based on the customer reviews, Monarch Plank Flooring products are favorable. It is expressed that the customers are happy and satisfied with the products. They also suggest other people to use the same flooring.

FAQs Monarch Plank Flooring Reviews

Can I have Monarch plank flooring while I am living with pet?

Yes, you can. Monarch plank flooring is pet-friendly. Juts keep your pet’s nail trimmed. This can avoid the scratches caused by the pet’s nails.

Can I refinish the damaged floors?

Yes, you can. If you use oil finish, you can refinish the damaged floors where the damage occurs. If you use urethane finish, you need to refinish the entire floors.

How can I find information where to purchase Monarch plank flooring?

It is hard to find the flooring in the big box home improvement stores. So you must visit the company’s website and track the flooring down there.