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Hypoallergenic Carpet

Hypoallergenic Carpet

by Dylan Johnson

Are there people in your home suffering from allergies? If so, then you may think of having hypoallergenic carpet as a flooring option. Something that you need to know dealing with the issue of allergies is the concept of hypoallergenic carpet which is both a fact and a myth. So let’s check with the explanation we are going to share here on this page.

According to Dictionary.com, hypoallergenic carpet is designed to minimize an allergic response possibility. While based on WebMD, it is stated that the manufacturer claims that their product offers fewer allergic reactions than the other ones. However, this doesn’t mean that the product is allergy-proof.

In fact, there is no definite language like “This product is not causing an allergic reaction”.

So what do you have in mind?

Just let’s take a few minutes to read on this review and check out each sections including the carpeting and allergies, Shaw industries statements about carpet and allergies, hypoallergenic carpeting, hypoallergenic carpet padding, best practices for hypoallergenic carpeting and some frequently asked questions.

Carpeting and Allergies in General

There is actually a link of carpet to allergies in general. The issue of carpet on allergies is known as chemical hypersensitivity. The link itself is made due to the following reasons:

  • Most new carpets are releasing gas named Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzene and formaldehyde which are considered causing allergies and even cancers. These gases are usually involved in the process of carpet production. No matter how much amount of Volatile Organic Compounds contained in the product, it is considered unsafe, making it one of the cons of hypoallergenic carpet.
  • Carpet is able to trap pollen, lawn chemical and pet dander as well as others known as allergens. Well, these allergens can be tracked into the home.
  • Many vacuum cleaners are sucking allergens from the carpet. However, the poor filtration will drain them into the air. This will cause the problem worse.

Shaw Industries Statements about Carpet and Allergies

There are definitely some different point of view about the case of hypoallergenic carpet. Now let’s take another view for an evaluation.

Shaw industries is the largest carpet manufacturer on the globe. Shaw stated that it is just a common thing to find misconception about a carpet which is able to adversely impact allergy and asthma sufferers.

Supporting the statement, there is also a series of scientific studies show that the carpet which is effectively clean can minimize the airborne allergens. This makes it proper for home in which the families are suffering from allergy and asthma.

Let’s understand what the sentence above means to point out the issue. Though the carpet materials do not cause allergic reactions, everybody agrees that carpet ports allergens which reduce the air quality indoor, leading to the reactions.

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The Marketing of Hypoallergenic Carpeting

The definition derived from The Dictionary.com applies well to the carpeting. The manufacturers get more inspiration about what kinds of materials that will likely be used to produce reactions and they reduce them in the carpet. However, there is no makers are sure enough about the products that brings no reactions.

In the end, there is no industry standard and neither uniform criteria that determines the kinds of carpet labeled hypoallergenic. Many different brands use the statement just to invite the buyers impacted by allergies.

Hypoallergenic Carpeting

There are some samples of hypoallergenic carpet products that the manufacturers advertise as the carpet types with hypoallergenic. They are Shaw, Mohawk, FLOR and Home Improvement Store Carpet.

  • Shaw

As we have shared about Shaw, none of their carpets are categorized into the ones triggering allergic reactions.

This means that Shaw do not produce carpet which is allergy proof. In the other words, you cannot find a carpet that is able to reduce the chemicals or other substance causing allergies.

  • Mohawk

Mohawk is the heaviest carpet manufacturer that keeps producing SmartStrand carpet with Triexta strands. This kind of strands are considered to be allergy-friendly.

  • FLOR

FLOR is a brand or a company that makes carpet tiles and area rugs that are sustainable, recyclable and definitely hypoallergenic.

  • Home Improvement Store Carpet

Home Depot, which is one of the largest home improvement stores, offers a number of carpet lines which are considered hypoallergenic. They are constructed by the Dream Weaver and involving Thoroughbred II, Spellbound II, Park Meadow and Hot Shot II.

Other option is Menards which is advertising hypoallergenic carpet by Shaw. This way, Lowes sells Mohawk SmartStrand carpet just like Sears.

Hypoallergenic Carpet Padding

There are surely a small number of carpet padding advertised as hypoallergenic. These include”

  • Legget & Platt Duraplus

Legget & Platt Duraplus provides the cushioning comfort under your carpet and does much more. It enhances the appearance and the long-term quality hypoallergenic carpet padding. Legget & Platt Duraplus comes with a variety of designs. There is an array of products that you may see in most homes, offices and vehicles.

  • Healthier Choice

Healthier Choice is the second carpet padding you can consider adding to your hypoallergenic carpet. Healthier Choice offers the world’s best carpet cushion not only for homes but also for public spaces. There is a number of option you can choose ranging from the rustics to the exotics and traditional ones.

Healthier Choice is just an excellent carpet padding to meet all your sound reducing needs. It best suits laminate, hardwood, luxury vinyl, ceramic tile and stone.

  • Mohawk SmartCushion

Mohawk SmartCushion is considered highly durable due to its ability to absorb and deflect foot traffic. It is prolonging your hypoallergenic carpet by keeping it away from wear.

Mohawk carpet cushion helps your carpet feel richer and more luxurious. It also improves your carpet’s acoustical and insulating properties making the room quitter and comfortable.

Mohawk carpet padding offers the gold standard of cushion which is resistant to mold and mildew as well as fungal growth.

Further, this brand of carpet padding is known to be the most trusted carpet cushion created with the premium materials to provide you with the best comfort.

  • Based on the World Floor Covering Association waffled rubber padding and felt padding produced by most of the manufacturers are all allergy-friendly.

This doesn’t mean that the padding offers the ability for the carpet not to cause allergy. This merely means that the padding help the carpet reduce the occurrence of allergies.

Thus, if you live with people suffering from allergies or asthma, providing padding is good.

Best Practices for Hypoallergenic Carpet

If you want to install carpet in your home while you want also a healthier air quality, here are our recommendation for a healthier environment at home with carpeting:

  • Select a carpet with the Green Label or Green Label Plus based on Rug Institute. Make sure that that the carpet you choose is having only a small amount of VOC.
  • Wool carpeting is more recommended as long as you are not allergic to wool. This is because it producers of wool carpet claim that wool is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Once you install carpet as your home flooring, make sure you purchase a quality vacuum cleaner that is designed with a powerful motor and HEPA filtration. To clean the carpet and free it up from any debris, use the vacuum cleaner weekly especially if you are living with pets.

This way, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) offers its Seal of Approval/Green Label programs to the manufacturers of vacuum.

The vacuum will prove to work well when it passes the test, meaning that it can handle to remove the soil and debris and keep them contained until the bag is removed or the bin is dumped.

Nevertheless, none of the list guarantee that the carpet won’t show reactions to the carpet you have bought. These tips will be just help you reduce the risk.

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FAQs Hypoallergenic Carpet

There are a few of frequently asked questions to provide you with the additional information. It is quite possible that you have the similar questions with one of the listed questions as follows:

Is there a carpet type that is totally causing no allergies?

No, there is not. Even the wool contain a small amount of chemicals.

Where can I buy a carpet that seems to be hypoallergenic?

Most of home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes come with the hypoallergenic carpet displayed at their store.

Is there any hypoallergenic carpet that allergy-proof?

No, there is not. Most of carpets labelled hypoallergenic still cause allergy. However, how much the carpet causes allergy coming in a small amount of chemicals.

How can I maintain the cleanliness of hypoallergenic carpet?

Using vacuum cleaner is much recommended. Weekly maintenance using vacuum cleaner is considered the best way of keeping the carpet away from any dust and debris. Further, if you are living with pets, weekly vacuuming the carpet is also strongly recommended. In short, once you decide to buy a hypoallergenic carpet, you should also buy a good quality of vacuum cleaner.