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Shaw Hardwood Flooring Review

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Review

by Dylan Johnson

Enjoy your watching television with the new favorite TV program but a commercial for Shaw hardwood flooring review comes and goes, interrupting you more but it makes you look around to see your old carpet behind your couch.

Grab your phone soon and search the Shaw hardwood flooring review.

Absolutely, you will find it the most amazing and beautiful hardwood flooring you will ever see.

Home Depot, the most visited website for home improvement, will be at the top list of your searching.

And Shaw hardwood flooring product is always available there to surprise you with its multiple options for many different kinds of textures, finish, widths, and features.

There are also three and five options of colors that are available in both solid and engineered hardwood flooring.

Free samples are usually given by the manufacturers or dealers as the future consumer’s request.

It is aimed to ensure whether a flooring product fits the consumers’ need and expectation.

This way, the consumers can feel the products before they finally spend thousands of dollars on a purchase.

Now if you are not able to go the store, checking out the products at your eyes, turn to this Shaw hardwood flooring review.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Options

It is truly confusing to check all of the options of Shaw hardwood flooring on the website.

It is because the options offer not only engineered and solid hardwood but also tile, carpet, vinyl and even laminate.

However, this article will focus on the review about the engineered hardwood and solid hardwood though there are so many options on the website.

There are two free samples offered for the house especially in flooring elements.

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Everybody will love free stuffs, right?

Afterwards, it charges $4.00 per sample. If you are just confused whether to pick up engineered or solid hardwood, this present would be a right time to determine which one is better.

If you tend to choose engineered hardwood, the only one popular dealers to visit is Home Depot. However, it doesn’t offer any free sample for the flooring products.

Instead, you will be directed to evaluate the characteristics of the flooring products so that you can narrow down your choice.

On the other hand, if you are curious enough about the solid hardwood, you can just go searching on some dealers’ website in your local area that offers particular products you may like.

Whether there are free samples or not, it is absolutely depending on the dealers. You may even have to order first to get the free samples.

Luckily, if you call them several days before, they may give you some special discounts.

Engineered Vs Real Deal

Engineered Vs Real Deal is the next thing to get to know from the Shaw hardwood flooring review we are sharing you here on this page.

In fact, a few options of Shaw hardwood flooring include both engineered and solid hardwood. However, if you take a look the both pictures, you will find it hard to differentiate them.

Even you will find it very difficult to determine which one would be the best choice for your flooring project.

The most influential factors in selecting the flooring type is the place where you are going to install the flooring.

In the other words, selecting the flooring type depends on the spaces or area. It is because a certain types of hardwood flooring are not recommended for rooms or areas with the high level of moisture or humidity.

This way, if you want to apply the flooring in your kitchen, basement or on a concrete subfloor, engineered hardwood will be a better option than the solid one.

One of the reasons why solid hardwood is not recommended for wet environment is fact that this flooring type can shrink and expand depending on the level of moisture in the space. This way, the moisture will cause the floors damaged.

In this case, engineered hardwood is more resistant to moisture than the solid hardwood. Or, solid hardwood is more prone to damaged caused by the moisture than the engineered hardwood.

According to the Shaw hardwood flooring review, the second thing to consider is the hardwood price. This is the time we will look which hardwood is cheaper and which is expensive.

In this case, engineered hardwood is best considered as the top flooring product while the real wood or the solid wood is not.

And the one which is constructed from synthetic materials will noticeably have a lower price.

In fact, engineered hardwood flooring type is cheaper and becoming a more flexible choice for those who want a flooring that looks like solid wood yet there will be no problem of cost and moisture.

Simply to understand, engineered hardwood flooring is cheaper and looking like a solid wood. Moreover, it is also easy to care and maintain using the special hardwood vacuum.

On the other hand, though solid hardwood may come with the expensive price and inflexible option, luckily it is allowing you to refinish it.

Thus, if you are living in your permanent home, at which you are not going move over time, solid hardwood can be the best choice to consider.

Where To Find Shaw Hardwood Flooring

When you are finally interested to purchase Shaw hardwood flooring, have you know here to find it on earth?

Their first thing to find it easily is going to surf on the internet especially on the Shaw website.

There will be much information posted online on the website along with the pictures so that you can clearly look at the options available.

Many professional photos and videos are there to give you a picture on your mind about the flooring. On the website, you can even get the free samples that usually cost $4.99.

If you want to search and find the engineered hardwood as well as the engineered Pro version, you can just direct yourself to Home Depot.

In this regards, Home Depot comes with the solid hardwood options at a smaller retailers depending on where you live.

Don’t worry of not being able to surf on the website. Home Depot has a website which is user-friendly allowing you to navigate the menu.

Thus, you will be easily find the smaller flooring dealers or retailers that may offer a specific flooring product you are looking for.

What The Home Improvers Say

In this Shaw hardwood flooring review, we also learn from the past and our fellow home improvers about Shaw hardwood flooring.

Truly, Shaw hardwood flooring can become your final destination to shop all the things related to hardwood flooring.

They have not only engineered and solid hardwood but also an affordable version of engineered hardwood.

Furthermore, we are also provided with the options of hardwood based on the installation types.

This way, there are three hardwood selections you can choose depending on the installation types.

Those are glue-down, nail-down and click-together hardwood flooring. No matter which type you select, you will absolutely find it on Shaw.

Referring to the Shaw hardwood flooring reviews, there are negative reviews saying that they had issues on receiving the broken planks when the package arrived.

They even said that there were some problems such as denting, splintering and damaging boards quite easily.

Other issues occurring based on the costumer’s reviews are the light sensitivity, bleaching, poor manufacturer policies about the lifetime warranty and the finish wearing off.

Is there any positive reviews?

There is nothing that appear only negatively, is there?

Even among a number of customers’ complaints, there is also something positive. This way, Shaw hardwood flooring looks great just after being installed and there seems never an issue during the installation.

One more strength of Shaw hardwood flooring is the easy installation. Even for an amateur DIYer, this flooring type is pretty easy to install.

However, though this flooring looks very great after the installation, yet the damages start to potentially occur when the flooring gets its normal use.

Unfortunately, the warranty provided by the manufacturer for the products is very limited.

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Final Words

Now that you have known a lot about the positive and negative of Shaw hardwood flooring, you must be able to draw your own conclusion.

Surely, the Shaw hardwood flooring review we have just shared on this page has given you a clear picture on your mind about engineered and solid hardwood flooring type available at Shaw.

It seems that engineered hardwood flooring is more resistant to moisture and humidity as well as affordable than the solid hardwood. It also comes in a big varieties of styles option to fit any of home styles.

On the other hand, though solid hardwood seems less durable, it can be used for a permanent home.

This means that if you are going to live in a home at which you will never move to another place, solid hardwood can be the most suitable options.

It is due to the fact that the flooring can be refinished.

Now which Shaw hardwood flooring type will you choose?