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WE Cork Flooring Review and High Quality Products

by Dylan Johnson

Reading WE cork flooring review can be beneficial, especially if you want to learn more about the products before making any decision about the purchase. If you think that cork is only associated to wine bottles, then you are hugely mistaken or you probably have lived in a cave for decades.

Cork today is the main material for hard and bare flooring perfect for residential and also commercial setting. Not only beautiful, but cork flooring is also eco-friendly.

You don’t have to feel guilty when you want to improve the look of the house. And get this: Cork flooring is also inexpensive. At least when compared to other hard and bare floors like hardwood, the cork flooring won’t hurt your financial.


The cork flooring is manufactured from cork tree. The harvesting process doesn’t hurt the tree because the tree itself needs to regenerate the bark once every 9 years.

So, the bark is always available. This is the main reason why cork flooring is an ideal eco-friendly option for those who are environmentally conscious about their life choice.

WE cork products aren’t only green and beautiful, but homeowners like you can also enjoy the extra benefits, such as sound control, good insulation quality, comfort, and also durability.

Of course, don’t take it from them about the quality. That’s why having WE cork flooring review is handy because the reviews can give you ideas of what to expect concerning the benefits and the downsides.

WE Cork Flooring Durability

Cork flooring is basically solid and durable, but what about the WE flooring products?

In general, cork flooring can last up to 25 years more or less. WE flooring products are the same, they can also last within that period too.

Although their products are high in quality, it doesn’t mean that they are resistant to damage, especially if you don’t properly care for it. Proper and correct maintenance will prolong the floor you can expect it to last for more than 25 years although it may not last for good.

WE seems to be confident about the quality of their products so they are brave enough to provide long years of warranty. Many homeowners have positive WE cork flooring review concerning the quality and durability of the floor.

If you want quality products without having to worry about the high cost or complex installation, you should seriously consider WE products in your project.

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WE Cork Flooring Care and Maintenance

Caring for cork flooring is easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated it doesn’t have to create drama either. Cleaning the floor is pretty basic, simple, and straightforward.

You can use the regular broom and damp mop to clean the floor. If you prefer the vacuum cleaner, don’t use harsh or abrasive brush that can create scratches on the floor.

It is not wise to saturate the floor with water either. Saturating or flooding the floor with water will only create damages because water can seep into the inner layer and then wreak havoc from within. Excessive water is also a no-no.

If you have water spills, just wipe it off. Make sure that the floor is dry and clean. Don’t wait too long for the water to pool or the damage can be too serious.

The WE cork flooring review is positive for the easy care and maintenance. If you don’t have pets, you have nothing to worry about. If you do have one, make sure to trim their nails. Their nails can cause serious scratches issues to the floor.

But even if you don’t have pets, you need to be careful with the furniture. Heavy furniture won’t only scratch the surface but also cause dents on the floor.

One way to prevent such a thing is to have a furniture pad, furniture cover, or felt feet. Place it underneath the furniture and you won’t have to worry about the scratches and dents.

Cork flooring also has its own ‘bounce-back’ property which means that it will return to its original state after a while. Just remove the heavy furniture and your floor will look as good as new, thanks to the natural spring trait.

That’s why it is advisable to move the furniture regularly so permanent dent can be avoided. Today’s homeowners may use furniture coasters to reduce dents and displace weight.

Direct sunlight exposure is another common issue related to cork flooring. When the floor is exposed to the sunlight for a long time, it may fade. Not to mention that the floor can also peel because of the heat.

You can avoid such a problem by installing the floor in rooms that aren’t directly exposed to the sunlight. Rooms that are facing west, for instance, are ideal for the installation.

You can also consider installing rugs to cover the floor. Having window treatments (such as installing shades, window film, blinds, or curtains) is also good to deal with the issue. At least, you have something to filter out the light and reduce the strength.


Naturally, there are so many advantages to enjoy from installing WE flooring. Durability, for a starter, is one of the winning factors of the floor. As it was stated before, the floor can last for decades with correct maintenance, care, and cleaning.

Second, it is eco-friendly and sustainable. If you are concerned about the environment and our planet, then this floor would be the perfect pick. You get to contribute to environment’s preservation.

Third, cork flooring has its own antimicrobial, insect resistant, and hypoallergenic properties. Not only this floor is good for people with allergies, but you also don’t have to worry about it becoming an ideal breeding spot for microbes and germs.

Fourth, it has natural insulation property which makes it plush, comfortable, soft, and also warm. When you have cork flooring, you don’t have to crank up the heater to the highest level.

If you live in a cold area, cork floor will keep you stay warm and you don’t even have to depend on the heater. This is the type of floor that is perfect for busy areas and areas requiring you to stand for a long time, such as the kitchen.

Even when you have to stand for hours, the floor won’t cause any fatigue or sore to your legs.

Based on many WE cork flooring review, a lot of homeowners like to have such a floor because of the natural warmth. Unlike ceramic tiles or hardwood floor that is cold and hard, WE cork flooring is definitely plush and warm.

The floor has its own acoustic installation benefit, which means that it can absorb noise or sound quite well. If you install the floor at home, your house would be quiet(er) and somewhat more peaceful.

WE Cork Flooring Perfect Room

Unlike other types of cork flooring that can’t be installed on basements and bathrooms, WE cork products can be used to cover the floor on those areas. They have better moisture, water, and humidity resistant features when compared to other types of cork flooring.

However, WE recommends floating floor for basements only. They recommend glue down types (either the planks or the tiles) for the bathrooms.

It is advisable that you apply sealant on those surfaces regularly to strengthen the water resistant trait and prolong the life cycle.

WE Cork Flooring Installation

You are free to choose whatever methods of installation fitting your needs and your pockets. Feel free to hire a professional installer, but you will have to spend thousands for the service.

If you are rather low on the budgets, consider a DIY project. WE products are easy to install, even if you don’t have any related experience or skills. Based on WE cork flooring review, this is one of the many benefits of the floor.

The company provides resources and guides on their websites. You should be able to find detailed information about the installation, from the beginning to end, including the preparation steps, what tools you need, various installation methods, and such thing alike.

As long as you provide enough time and you don’t rush, you should be able to perform the job and enjoy professional-look-alike finish.

In fact, they even provide video tutorials for visual learners or those who want to really understand the procedures.

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WE Cork Flooring Styles and Designs

WE products are available in many styles, types, and collections. You can find things like Traditional, Serenity, Classic, or Corkoleum.

Do you like antique or aged look?

They have the right options for you.

Or you probably prefer the modern and sleek types?

They also have the collections.

Want cork flooring that looks like other types of materials, such as marble, travertine, or slate?

No need to worry; simply check their products.

Varities and collections are some of their best forte no wonder if WE cork flooring review is quite positive and good.

All in all, WE products are coming in various options. Not to mention that they offer many benefits and advantages for homeowners, especially for those on the budgets.

You should check WE cork flooring review to see whether it is the perfect flooring option for you.