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Reward Vinyl Plank Floor Review

Reward Vinyl Plank Floor Review

by Dylan Johnson

Most homeowners would probably think that Reward vinyl plank would be the same as other vinyl flooring. But you should know that each vinyl flooring is different and unique.

Each brand has their own signature styles that make them different from one another and Reward also implements the same concept.

If you are thinking about installing the floor at home, be sure to understand the overall nature before marching to the store and buy a bunch of whole of them.

The Specialty of Reward Vinyl Floor

So, what’s so special about Reward vinyl plank, anyway?

First of all, the floor mixes various elements nicely and in a balanced manner. It combines value and luxury in a pleasant manner through advanced production methods and sophisticated technology.

The mix of high-tech manufacturing process and innovation has resulted in premium and high-quality floor that isn’t only durable, but also sturdy and aesthetically impressive.

If you check the company’s official website, you see claims as the floor is marketed as the affordable, stylish, and tough products.

But are they really what they have claimed?

It’s only fair to dig the facts about the floor, including learning the strength and also downsides of the flooring.

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Durability and Strength Reward Vinyl Plank

How strong is Reward vinyl plank, anyway?

Well, the floor is remarkably strong. Not only it is waterproof, but it handles heavy foot traffic quite well.

If your house is busy with pets and active kids, and every area is sensitive to spills, then rest assured that this floor is able to deal with the abuse.

Another cool thing about the floor is its ability to deal with scuff and scratches. Pets’ nails won’t be an issue.

And the fact that the floor is waterproof is quite a convenience. Whereas not all vinyl flooring can be installed in high-moisture areas (such as bathrooms or basements), it won’t be the case with this floor.

Feel free to install it in bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, and kitchens, and see how it handles the everyday abuse quite amazingly. No need to worry; the floor won’t easily damage.

However, the floor is possibly torn or scratched, especially when it comes to heavy objects or furniture. It is possibly dented too.

That’s why it is advisable to use furniture pad for heavy furniture to prevent dent and scratch. And it is also a good idea to move and rotate the furniture regularly so the floor will remain intact.

When you have to move furniture, be careful not to drag it across the floor. Use the pad underneath to prevent scratching.

Although the floor does come with warranty, it depends on the type and variants of the floor. Some products have 15 years of warranty for commercial-designed products.

Some may have ‘only’ 10 years and others have a lifetime warranty. If you don’t want to make the wrong decision, go with 20mm of flooring.

With proper installation and care, this floor can last at least 20 years easily.

The Price Reward Vinyl Plank

The vinyl floor from Reward is designed and created to imitate the look of hardwood.

Hardwood flooring itself can cost you at least $15 a square foot and installation cost as well as labor cost haven’t been included. Meanwhile, the average luxury vinyl planks or tiles are set around $7 a square foot give or take.

Reward vinyl plank costs around $3.50 a square foot to $4.50 which is a great bargain.

Even when compared to the average and standard prices of vinyl flooring, Reward products are still cheaper.

But then again, that price is only applicable for the material only.

When you want to install the floor at home, you still need to include extra materials, tools, and also installation cost.

But in general, the floor has a nice price range that won’t hurt your wallet.

The Available Colors and Styles

Another special thing about Reward vinyl plank is the fact that the products are available in many different variants and styles.

Some of their popular collections include Meridian, Majestic, and Advantage.


This collection comes with EIR (Embossed in Register) quality. The planks are specially embossed to give them 3D and realistic visual effect. The planks themselves are wide, around 10 inches in dimension.

This collection caters 6 different colors, like Austin Hickory, Midnight Oak, and Driftwood Oak.


This collection is about commercial grade and natural beauty combined together.

The planks are pleasing to the eyes they are absolutely gorgeous!

There are 8 different shades in this collection, including Charred Oak, Colonial Walnut, Aged Hickory, and Tropical Teak.


Prefer hardwood?

Are you into classic appearance?

Then you should use Meridian collection with their muted colors. The main available colors are 7, including the Jacobian or the rustic Maritime.

Caring and Maintaining the Floor

The company provides official guide on caring and maintaining their Reward vinyl plank. Not only they provide the tips, but they also recommend the cleaning products.

You only need a regular broom or a vacuum (for hard floor) to remove the debris, dust, and dirt. For the vacuum, use the one without a beater bar which is designed for bare floor usage.

For deeper cleaning, use a damp mop and mild cleaners, usually neutral ones (like Multi-Surface Pledge Cleaner).

Feel free to use other brands or cleaner types, but make sure that they aren’t abrasive or they don’t contain harsh chemical contents.

In case the floor is no longer shiny, use mild products or homemade cleaners to bring back the shine. Don’t use solvent-based polishes or paste wax on the floor.

It would be better to use products, like Low Gloss Resilient Floor Finish to bring back the shine and preserve the beauty.

To maintain the floor in its best condition, using mats is advisable. Place them in doorways and entrances to prevent grit and dirt tracking which can lead to floor scuff.

Don’t forget to use furniture pads on the legs of the furniture or plywood panels when you remove them.

Reward Vinyl Plank Installing the Floor

Flooring is one of the most expensive works in home improvement sector because it covers a generally large area. Plus, the floor is crucial.

You want to make sure that you only choose the best for it. Besides the material, you also need to consider the installation cost.

Do you hire a professional service or will you do the work yourself?

Each of these options has their own positive and negative aspects. If you hire a pro, rest assured that the job will go smoothly. The end result will be just perfect, but it is going to cost you extra.

If you do it by yourself, there is no guarantee that the floor will look perfect and flawless. It can be ugly!

But then again, you save quite a lot of money on the installation.

It’s a good thing that Reward vinyl plank is easy for the DIY project. Even without any background or knowledge, you should be able to do it quite effortlessly.

This type of floor offers 2 different ways of installing the floor.

The first one is the glue-down mechanism. It means that you need to use adhesive to attach the plank to the subfloor.

The second one is the click-and-lock mechanism. This is an installation for floating floor. There is no need to use any adhesive or nail.

Simply connect each of the plank together and use a rubber mallet to secure the edges (making sure that they are firm), and voila! You are done!

Whatever installation you choose, the company has provided the installation guides on their official website.

Simply download them and learn how to do everything properly and correctly, including preparing the subfloor, acclimating the floors, and also caring it properly after the installation.

The tools are quite basic there is nothing fancy or difficult about it. Also consider about renting them, if you are required to have the unusual ones.

What’s important is your time. It is crucial that you dedicate your time to do everything slowly and carefully. This is a project that you don’t want to rush for whatever reason.

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Reward Vinyl Plank Reviews

In the end, this floor has its own good and bad. On the positive notes, the floor is inexpensive without compromising the overall look.

It enables budget-conscious homeowners to have beautiful floor without hurting their financial. The floor itself is quite durable and strong.

There are some variants that are thicker giving you the options of longer-lasting ones.

With 20mm of thickness, the floor is just the right one for residential and commercial setting. Plus, they are also coming with nice warranties.

Today’s vinyl flooring has absolutely beautiful and gorgeous look. With vinyl planks from this brand, there are many different collections and many different variants that you can choose.

Each collection has their own winning element. With tons of options, it would be easy to find the most ideal floor for the house. The floor isn’t perfect as it can dent or damage.

However, with proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, it is possible to prolong the life cycle of the floor. It should last for at least 2 decades before it is too damaged and needs replacing.

This Reward vinyl plank can be a great alternative for homeowners wanting to have beautiful look without compromising their financial.