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Best Cheap Flooring Options

Best Cheap Flooring Options that Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

by Dylan Johnson

What are the best cheap flooring options that you can have at home without hurting your wallet?

Just because you don’t have the budgets for the costly flooring project, it doesn’t mean that you should end up with lousy or cheesy floor.

It’s true that flooring is one of the most challenging aspects in home improvement work, especially since it affects the entire appearance and vibe of the house.

But if you are able to make a wise decision and the right option, you can improve its look without having to pay a fortune.

Choosing the right floor can be a complicated matter. Not only you need to consider the looks, but you should also consider the cost, the installation easiness, and the durability.

Whereas carpets, ceramic tiles, and hardwoods are pricey, homeowners today prefer inexpensive alternatives like peel and stick vinyl, cork floor, laminate floor, luxury vinyl planks, bamboo floor, or carpet tiles.

Not only they are going to save you a lot of money, but they also offer more flexible options in terms of finish, color, pattern, and design.

So, let’s take a look at these example flooring which is inexpensive and yet beautiful, without compromising functions and performances.

Best Overall – Laminate TrafficMaster Lakeshore 7mm Pecan Flooring

Laminate flooring doesn’t have to be cheesy or ugly well, not if you use this type.

Laminate flooring is now becoming popular because of its various designs as well as affordability.

It is one of the best cheap flooring options, combining elegant look and inexpensive tag price.

Not to mention that today’s wood-look laminate flooring comes with polished look. You won’t even know that it is actually laminate and not hardwood!

Another thing to like about this floor is the fact that you can install it over wooden or concrete subfloor. This is one floor that is DIY-friendly.

Even if you have very little experience in installing the floor, you should be able to do the work quite effortlessly.

Homeowners with very little or zero knowledge can always have a go. And the fact that it lacks of (chemical) odor is another to love about the floor.

Laminate flooring is generally not waterproof. But this TrafficMaster product is waxed so it would be water repellent.

The floor holds up quite well, provided that you clean it up right away. The surface is able to hold up the spill while the edges are more prone.

If you can use silicone (for sealing the seam) along the floor’s baseboards, you can actually prevent water from seeping into the underneath area of the floor.

With affordable tag price and beautiful look of the floor, rest assured that you should improve the look of the house without having to dig deeper into your wallet.

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Best Cheap LVP Flooring – Vinyl TrafficMaster Luxury Teak Plank

LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank may cost you a tad extra when compared to the regular vinyl flooring.

But rest assured that you can get one of the best cheap flooring options with this TrafficMaster quality.

Aside from having a premium and luxurious appearance, you won’t have to worry about your financial condition either.

This plank will cost you not more than $2 a square foot. The floor itself comes in Ash, Oak, and Cherry finish.

This one has a higher tag price than regular vinyl, but it is stronger and more durable too. Installation is a breezy, allowing you to install it over any existing floor.

But make sure that the subfloor should be as smooth and as clean as possible before you lay the LVP.

The floor must be in a pristine and perfect condition in order for the floor to have a perfect finish.

Thanks to the GripStrip technology, the planks can be connected together. It forms floating manner over tile, vinyl, wood, or concrete subfloors.

Keep in mind that you should be extra careful in adhering the adhesive and reposition the planks.

Once the adhesive is dry, there is no way to reposition the planks anymore.

Moreover, this isn’t the perfect flooring for areas that are prone to moisture and humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or basements.

If you insist on installing them on those areas, you will have to do some extra efforts and cleaning attempts.

In the end, this floor looks great with easy installation without you having to spend lots of money.

No wonder if it is considered one of the best cheap flooring options.

Best Cheap Flooring for Water Resistance – Vintage Pewter and Pergo Outlast Laminate Oak Flooring

Laminate may be the inexpensive alternative to hardwood, especially when dealing with beauty and visual appearance of the floor.

However, laminate does experience the same weakness as hardwood: it isn’t water resistant. Just like wood, it is prone to moisture and water damage.

But Pergo is determined to change such a condition with their new type of laminate flooring, the Outlast+.

The floor comes with 100mm of thickness. When compared to other inexpensive flooring types, this one is definitely thicker.

Moreover, this collection comes with different types of joint system, including SpillProtect24 and Uniclic technology.

Not only you can deal with easy installation, but you can also deal with floor that is water resistant.

You won’t have to worry about water spill or whatsoever. Because of these features, this floor is perfect for laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchens or basically houses with kids with higher possibility of spill.

The installation mechanism is also nice. You simply snap and click to make the floor stay in its place.

Naturally, this one is a bit pricier than other materials, but the price range is still affordable and reasonable.

No wonder if this one is considered as one of the best cheap flooring options with gorgeous and beautiful finish.

Best Type for Peel and Stick – Sonoma Oak Self-Adhesive d-c-fix Film

If you are looking for a floor that won’t give you a headache during the installation, then you should go with the peel and stick flooring type.

Applying the floor is like using the stickers. Just peel the film away and then stick the floor to the floor.

The great thing about this floor is that you can have it in your bathroom or kitchen.

Of course, you can also have it in the living room, home office, and bedrooms basically any room that you want.

Not to mention that the faux wooden floor with Sonoma Oak atmosphere will give you a unique vibe to the installed room.

Not only this one can be used to cover the floor, you can also use to cover the countertops and shelves in case they need an upgrade.

The combination of inexpensive price and the easy installation will just blow your mind.

Best Cheap Carpet Tiles – Caserta Sky Foss Peel and Stick Carpet Tile

Carpets may not be ideal for all rooms, especially the ones with high level of humidity and moisture. But it’s not the case with carpet tiles.

The product from TrafficMaster is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor setting.

The tiles come in 0.23mm of thickness with various color options and hobnail texture.

Installing this floor is such a breeze making it one of the best cheap flooring options for homeowners with limited budgets.

Each of the boxes can cover an area of 22.5 square feet. And for a square foot, it costs around $1.50.

If you want an affordable floor that has beautiful finish and can be easily installed (or even replaced), you may want to consider this product from TrafficMaster.

This is a great floor for most rooms, home offices, dining rooms, and even the front porches or garages.

A word of advice: When you order multiple tile boxes, you can combine the tiles from each one and blend them together.

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Best Cheap Sustainability Flooring – Cork Heritage Mill Straw Burnished Plank

Cork flooring is one of the best cheap flooring options because of the inexpensive price.

The fact that it is one of the best green flooring types with great sustainable feature appeals homeowners who are into environmentally-friendly products.

The floor is soft and nice to step on. It has good noise absorption quality that will make it quiet for the room.

Heritage Mill products are the engineered type having HDF layer center for the extra durability and strength. It is easy to install.

Most homeowners have no problems or whatsoever with the process. The planks click and then lock together in an effortless manner. Unlike other floating floors, it doesn’t have any hollow sound, which is nice.

But when compared to other inexpensive floor types, this one is pretty costly at least, it costs higher than the cheap flooring types.

The is definitely not for the bathroom setting, but you still have the options of being able to install it in the majority rooms of the house.

It is beautiful and also durable at the same time. If you want to improve the look of the house, you can consider these options of the floor.

Simply narrow down your options to one of these best cheap flooring options, and make sure that you find the one fitting your needs.