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MultiCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

MultiCore Vinyl Plank Flooring Premium Collections

by Dylan Johnson

From so many brands of luxury vinyl flooring, there are reasons why MultiCore vinyl plank should be included in your list.

If you are thinking about having a gorgeous floor that is straightforward to install and easy to clean, then this MultiCore product would be right up your alley.

As a vinyl floor, it is made from engineered wood, which means that it is non-porous. And if it is no-porous, you won’t have to worry about the floor absorbing water or moisture.

As a result, the floor has a good waterproof quality without compromising look although you may not have real wood at home.

The Newest Trend of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is always associated with low-quality and lousy visual look. However, technology has changed it all.

Today’s vinyl flooring comes with better look and better technology, and there is even luxury vinyl flooring which has higher level of quality than the regular vinyl floor.

With the new and modern luxury vinyl flooring plank, you are able to deliver whatever style or look into the house. Whether you want to have stone or wood, the vinyl floor would be able to do it.

The flooring has undergone quite a drastic and dramatic change over these years affecting the final results and such thing alike.

In the past, the floor came in square tiles and rolls, but today’s vinyl is even available in planks and they are also coming in different sizes.

Vinyl floor was mostly used in areas with high level of moisture or humidity only, but today, the floor is also installed in regular areas, such as bedroom or living room.

The floor isn’t flimsy, cheap, or lousy anymore. The flooring industry has managed to change quality and construction of the floor so it is even considered premium and high in quality.

It is even common to have beautiful floor while keeping the function intact.

Flooring manufacturers are making products with embossed surface and impressive rigidity.

If you happen to choose a type that resembles wood, the floor would imitate the look just perfectly.

In some brands, you can’t even tell the differences!

They look exactly like the real thing they don’t feel like vinyl anymore. And it so happens that MultiCore vinyl plank is one of the top-notch brands in this industry known for the quality and performance.

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The Special Core

Although vinyl floor has water resistant top surface, many of their core is still made from wood fiber. Wood is organic, which means that it is porous and it will absorb moisture.

It means that most vinyl floors are not 100% waterproof although the majority of them is water resistant.

Well, it won’t happen with MultiCore vinyl plank. This floor has a unique and non-organic core from thermo-composite extruded core. Because of its construction, the plank would be more rigid and 100% waterproof.

According to the reviews, even with thin layers (of 5mm and also 6.5 mm in thickness), the floor is even better and sturdier than the majority of other regular vinyl planks.

By eliminating the wood fibers, the company has managed to remove the floor’s weakness when it comes to moisture and water.

Real wood reacts badly to humidity and moisture as it would contract and shrink when it comes in contact with those elements.

But because of the no-wood and rigid core, the products from MultiCore is super solid and stable. You won’t have to worry about water or moisture anymore.

Because of the advanced and new core, not only the floor is more stable, but it also allows flexible installation in many areas and even big space.

It doesn’t even need the transition pieces which are quite typical between rooms within the traditional laminate flooring installation.

MultiCore Vinyl Plank Easy and Direct Installation

Installation is another complicated and confusing thing about new floor. You want to see something new right away, but then you are torn between doing it all by yourself and hiring a professional service.

If you go with DIY projects, you won’t have to spend anything, but you may end up with a messy and not-so-symmetrical final result.

If you want a perfect result, then you should go with the professional installer, but then again, you will have to spend a lot of money for it.

Moreover, most floors require a level subfloor. It won’t be an issue if your subfloor is in good condition. But if it isn’t, you will have to level it yourself and then give it a moment to dry.

And as if it weren’t enough, you still need to have an underlayment so the floor has enough cushion. Such a mechanism won’t be ideal if you want to have a new floor right away.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

And you haven’t even started laying the new planks!

But it won’t happen to MultiCore vinyl plank. The floor is constructed with a backing from cork and it is designed on each plank. Thanks to such a smart construction, you won’t have to have an underlayment.

You don’t even have to worry about the subfloor or whether it is imperfect or not. Thanks to the already available attached pad, you won’t need a leveler or worry about any uneven spot.

The cork itself is great as an underlayment, making the floor feel plush and comfortable.

The cork has its own hypoallergenic trait which makes the floor not only plush and soft, but also safe. It creates quiet floor too no more click-click or sound noise when you walk on it.

There is no need for fancy tools or complicated items. You don’t need saw either just to cut the board.

You only need a good (utility) knife with straight edge, and you are good to go with the installation.

Easiness and straight forward installation are one of the things that make this floor likable and favorable.

Great Realistic Look MultiCore Vinyl Plank

In the past, you might be able to get wood-look alike wood floor, but the appearance might be lousy or felt cheap. That won’t be the case anymore with the MultiCore vinyl plank.

The new technology has allowed the floor to look like realistic wood, thanks to the good imitation quality.

You won’t be able to differentiate the vinyl floor from the real hardwood. It is even more possible to create rough and rugged texture on the new and modern vinyl flooring.

The company uses the so-called embossed-in-register process that creates embossed ridges and ruts on the layer to the (grain) pattern.

As a result, you should expect high-quality and realistic final look that imitates wood quite perfectly. You may even forget that you don’t actually have wood for your floor.

The Price Factor MultiCore Vinyl Plank

Despite the premium quality and the high-quality construction, the price is quite affordable even still within the reasonable range.

When compared to other luxury vinyl floor products, this one really has a nice price range. With a range between $2 a square foot and $3 a square foot, this one is generally inexpensive especially compared to other high-end products with a price tag of at least $5 a square foot.

Along with the nice price range, the floor has a lifetime warranty for residential installation. It has 15-year warranty for the commercial installation.

Of course, such a price is extremely lower when compared to real hardwood that can cost you at least $10 a square foot for regular type and $15 a square foot for designers’ products or exotic wood.

The Collections

So, what can you expect from MultiCore vinyl plank collections?

Well, the floor comes in two variants: Standard and also Premium. Both of them are modern and new a better version from the regular WPC (Wood Plastic Composites).

But they have different wear layers and thickness. Because of these differences, the floor is termed standard and premium.

Standard MultiCore

This one doesn’t have any wooden fibers as the core, which makes them 100% and completely stable, rigid, and waterproof. They have quart-enhanced urethane coating to improve the strength of the floor.

The floor has lifetime residential warranty and also cork backing. Rigid and solid cores are used to minimize any uneven or imperfect subfloor problem.

This floor is perfect for kitchens, full bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. They are warm and comfortable. But this variant doesn’t have any vinyl on the top layer.

This floor ‘only’ has 12 mils for the wear layer with overall 5.0mm of thickness. Although it comes with residential warranty, it doesn’t come with commercial warranty.

Premium MultiCore

The Premium MultiCore vinyl plank line shares similar features like the previous Standard one, but there are several things that are quite different.

The floor has an overall 6.5mm thickness, which makes it stronger and sturdier. It is able to absorb scratch, sound, and shock better than the Standard one. With 22 mils for the wear layer, this floor is stronger and more solid.

And with the EIR layer on the top side of the floor, this floor is perfect for residential and commercial settings with busy foot traffic.

Just like the Standard line, this one has lifetime residential warranty, but it also has commercial 15-year warranty.

For colors, the options are pretty limited. They only have brown shades and several gray shades.

If you are looking for something traditional and classy, it may not be an issue. But if you want something trendy or modern, like red or blue, then it may be a problem.

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Conclusion MultiCore Vinyl Plank

Today’s luxury vinyl floor is completely different from the old and traditional type. Technology has completely changed how the floor works and the overall construction.

You will see that MultiCore vinyl plank is different from the others and you won’t regret installing it at home.